"Ready the Guardians"


The MERRICK lists of services falls into one of three categories, Training, Consultation, and Security Services. For those engaged in maritime security Read More...


Our purpose is to Train, Assess, and Consult in order to prevent terrorist, criminal or hostile acts, and to protect maritime related population centers and critical Infrastructures. Read More...


Based on the history of the founder and the key partners, the experience, knowledge and demonstrated maritime security abilities are well established. Read More...

MERRICK Maritime Security, Inc.

Merrick Maritime SecurityMERRICK Maritime Security, Inc. (MERRICK) is a Veteran and American with Disability owned company, and is a professional provider of subject matter expertise in the maritime law enforcement, port security and emergency response arena, offering consultation, training, assessment and exercise services including waterborne security and search and rescue tactics, techniques, and procedures.

For local, state and federal agencies and corporations engaged in or responsible for the safety and security of the maritime domain, there is no greater resource to facilitate, prepare and ensure the ability to detect, deter, defend, respond and recover in an area of responsibility. 

“In this century, countries benefit from healthy, prosperous, confident partners. Weak and troubled nations export their ills -- problems like economic instability and illegal immigration and crime and terrorism."

President George W. Bush November 20, 2004